Embody A Future

8 - 10 October



"This too shall pass."
"OK, but what is it, and what will I be when it is over?"

This is a three-day workshop in discovering your own resilience amidst uncertainty.
You will be given ideas that make the strangeness of times familiar and clear.
You will experience how your body can bring awareness and certainty.
Your agreement between yourself and your world will take form.
Slowly, methodically, you will build a world of relationality.
Your sense of serving a future will emerge.

Embody A Future

is a three-day / 13 hours workshop

Friday 8 October 10h00-15h00
Saturday 9 October 15h00-18h00
Sunday 10 October 10h00-15h00

FEE: N$ 2 100 per person


Your human experience facilitator

Capetonian Tossie van Tonder is a clinical psychologist, dancer, coach, and movement researcher. It is at the Environmental Learning and Research Center at the Department of Education, Rhodes University where she also holds an Artist-in-Residency position. She embodies alternative thinking and movement possibilities to steady our mental health and promote learning and visioning for a future.


An ex-Namibian interested in the independence of the country, Tossie lived in Windhoek for 5 years – 1988-1993. Her inspiring dance performances and psychological transformation processes marked her impact on people in transition.

See some of her Namibian performance work–1989-1990 here

See her facilitation here and select tabs for Butoh and Coaching.

Tossie's research in creativity, movement, artistic processes and thought processes asks:

What OPEN wisdoms are people already
experiencing in rapidly transforming times
that would be helpful to articulate in
language and body?

How we understand the world
– only with our mind –
may no longer be useful.

The keywords to an event that covers ecology, movement, mental health, futures... are endless. You will be accommodated into the balance and depth of movement and artistic experiences without exception or required background. However, an interest to learn how to become for a future to be understood, felt and embodied would be most helpful to launch you into a most exciting exploration over three days.

You will embody alchemical resources for future learning
through movement and sacred geometry

Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Who may benefit from the program?

• environmentalists
• agriculturalists
• artists
• teachers
• philosophers
• activists
• parents
• knowledge seekers and
• alternative operators in the world.

Embody A Future

will cover the alchemy of our time, the substances in nature and humans undergoing transformation.
Once you have signed up you will get more information on the practical application of alchemy – ORMUS – in the enhancement of life-force.


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