Coaching Sessions

Nobonke ~ 'we are all together now'

Coaching Sessions

Do you want to speak to someone?

Do you feel that what you want to speak about is bigger than yourself, and possibly overwhelming?

Do you wish to be listened to in a manner that you could craft through your own uniqueness?

These are scenarios that I service through conversation.

A high quality conversation constantly opens new vistas for how we are to adjust, adapt, learn and flourish.

As a client, you may desire a conversation to refine your particular understanding of yourself in our world. How you wish to fit into a new circumstance may invite certain changes in yourself.

Together we explore these changes and how they settle into your wishes. If you require a different way of being listened to, your intuition might be right on track. Together we will craft conversations to support you in productive ways.

The ancient phenomenon of two people speaking – the conversation – one exploring the moment, the other listening into that same moment, is the microcosmos of a future in the making. Your words, gestures, and soul are all dedicated to your unfolding and becoming.

As a clinical psychologist and ontological coach, I am in the service of the ecology of our humanity – through conversation.

I work online on the Zoom facility.

I am also available for conversations to organisations, groups and specific interests. If you require a working process for your group, I am available.

Do you have inquiries or want to make an appointment? Send me a message.

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