Residencies and Master classes for post-graduate students in Drama, Psychology, Philosophy, Education, Environmental Science, Dance, Fine Arts and related fields. The exploration of the edge of thought, creativity and innovation, the role of the body in the 21st century, the body as frontier to radical consciousness such as science and art, and themes related to the South African condition for prospering agents of change have been entered in the past. Requests for challenging research towards teaching will be entertained.

The Body Between Art and Science. The Dramatist and the Astro-Physicist, DFL Conference 2013.


The Unfinished Business of the TRC. Wits Masters Drama students.


Residency. Rhodes Drama Master students.

Residency. New Africa Theatre.

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Mentoring is a process between mentor and mentee that could work well in a local setting with contact hours structured over a predetermined period. It also offers powerful results on an international scale with regular meetings on Skype, as needed

Mentoring mainly entails the accommodation of a biographical process. The mentee reaches a point in development where certain psychological content has to be given form. In the cases thus far performance is chosen as the medium with which a mentee explores themes mostly of biographical content. By working over a period of months to a year, a thorough excavation of material and its representation as performance runs alongside vital transformative processes in the larger life context. The ultimate event of staging the work forms a culmination of many work sessions and often results in the final transformative effect, as performance, with an invited or paying audience, whether or not as part of a festival. This finally ends a phase, an alchemical shift of energy and form. In many instances the process and performance work is being written up, documented with videos and stills as manifesto of a rite of passage for the post-modern individual for whom the spirit, senses and body are all well integrated as a life event.

Wynne Bredenkamp

Wynne Bredenkamp - At the Edge of the Light

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Nwabisa Plaatjie

Nwabisa Plaatjie - The Native Who Caused All the Trouble

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Mamela Nyamza
Photo: Dex Goodman

Mamela Nyamza - The Meal

Jennifer Steyn
Photo: Dex Goodman

Jennifer Steyn - The Show

Dinah Eppel
Photo: Dex Goodman

Dinah Eppel - I Wish You Were Here

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