Nobonke van Tonder
Photo: Roger Metcalfe
Nobonke van Tonder
(She of all People)

The Image of Your Perfection
All learning begins with the lessons
we never had
Dancer-psychologist, ontological coach, writer, mentor, specialist in the field of dynamic transformation giving opportunities to unleash what is invisible and intelligible in the human being, group and organisation.

Immersion is experience at the leading edge of thought — the furthest extension of that thought. It is the best tool with which we help ourselves away from limited ways of seeing. You cannot bring the same stale self to the world and expect the world to be new for you. Philosophy and tools of creativity and wisdom evoke new desires, a particular life force. This work is ancient and yet, not been born, except at the moment of rapture.

My African Heart

Against the backdrop of racial tension and sincere attempts to overcome these within the intricate fabric of South African politics and society, a woman’s journey towards herself as South African, White, Afrikaans, dancer, lover and mother gets to the heart of being African.


Photo: Nicky Newman


Bold and provocative work on the edge of the unknown, demanding a shift in standpoint and challenging what is describable.

Solo and collaborative theatrical works from multimedia events to avant garde productions.


Photo: John Cartwright


Facilitation of the leading edge of thought. Hunter Thompson once said that there is no honest way to explain the edge, "because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."

Facilitated group-work sessions : Being and becoming at the edge of experience. These sessions are based on research into the specific, requested invitation, the milieu of the group, its aim and objectives, and emerging future visions. It includes explorations of perspectives particular to each group as human resource, creative innovations, immersive experiences, archetypal knowledge of roles and integrative processes.


Photo: Vrouekeur. Jac Kritzinger


The Things I Think About And Want You To Know.

"What I speak of is inspired by a specific perspective on South African identity and global responsibility." Van Tonder