24-30 August 2020 / 11-12h30 SAST

The Butoh movement practice was born out of the devastation following the atomic bombings of Japan in 1945. To dance pretty became obscene. Pandemia is an expression of a catastrophe affecting all life on the planet. Butoh ~ Art of Embodiment, a 7~day workshop, responds to this phenomenon as an expression of sensibility, courage and honesty. It is authentic human aesthetic in the era of pandemia.

Butoh ~ Art of Embodiment in Pandemia embodies an era in simple and extraordinary ways.

24 - 30 August 2020
11-12:30 SAST every day
90 minutes per session
Zoom →
ZAR 100 / Euro 10 / USD 10 per session

This workshop took place during PACE Entangled, an iniative of the Vrystaat Arts Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How will Butoh ~ Art of Embodiment in Pandemia take place during Pace Entangled?
You register here. You will receive a Zoom link which you access 15 minutes before the time.

+ How long are the sessions?
Each session is 90 minutes long which will give you an experiential exploration of a theme for the day. Embodiment, development of an aesthetic and the healing of Body-mind will fill the 90 minutes session.

+ When will the sessions take place?
This workshop brackets the festival starting the day before and ending the day after. It will have a strong integrative purpose that way. The sessions are from 11-11h30 each day, 24-30 August 2020.

+ What do I wear and where do I do the sessions?
Wear comfortable clothes. Warm up if you know that it will enhance your experience. Have water and a snack if you are so inclined. Create a space for your Body to move in with a sense of ease and theatrical possibilities. As an artistic being you may know that any space will do. Decide how you wish it to accommodate your personal comfort and hygiene. Peace, to access your movement is what you want.

+ How much is a session?
ZAR 100 / Euro 10 / USD 10. Register and pay here for each session.

+ How soon before the session do I register?
24 hours, so that you can be sure of the theme, music and Zoom link.

+ What would be the themes for the 7 days?
Each day will bring you an access point into what it means to embody artistry in the era of pandemia. It stretches from ways of being present to how to work with uncertainty and the unknown. Link into this website by 20 August.

+ Could one continue with Butoh after PACE Entangled?
Sure. There are groups running which you may want to join and some of these are for artists. Artists' greatest challenge is to uncover our embodiment practices now. As artists we want to be creative and relevant. We explore a challenging theme. We experience personal transformation and inspire future work. We also look for spaces to heal. These sessions have a strong link with the healing impulse inherent in our ways of being.

You are welcome to contact me after the PACE Entangled Festival at nobonke81@gmail.com to explore which group you would be most drawn to, and from which you may get the most benefit from.

+ Who are you?
Good question. Nobonke ~ we are all together now ~ is my Xhosa name as I belong to the Majoli clan. I live in Cape Town. Dance is my signature. Butoh is my practice. As Ontological Coach I assist in language, emotions and Body. These intersect in uncovering one's way of being (ontology). An interesting journey, nowadays. See my portfolio on the PACE Entangled Website, https://www.panafricancreativeexchange.co.za or My Profile Here


"A very affirming experience of self-value, hope in the moment in what is unknown."

"I am so enjoying this strange art revealed to me so slowly and carefully."

"The work is great and pioneering."

"Today I moved in an ancient sacred space."

"Through this work I know uncertainty very well. It became the truth of everything around me. Truth is easy. That's how it is."

"Thank you for such depth."

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