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Amsterdam 2019


Amsterdam 2019

In August 2019 I attended ongoing training in the art of real time composition at the studio of Katie Duck in Amsterdam. During this period the greater sophistications of the artistic intuition had been studied. The process facilitates an enhancement of the moment of creation in movement, text or music, in collaboration with other international artists and performers.

A heightened sensitivity to a constant listening for one's own readiness, one's own absence of necessity and the intricacies of relational engagements make the immediacy of performance one that places the performer on the edge of authentic voices and often cathartic bodywork which may or may not be accompanied by text and music. The democracy of the art of real time composition fosters extreme vitality with senses, emotions and intellectual discernment bringing responsibility of any human action into the lens of what it means to be a human being at this time.

During the period of 15 days at 10 hour days of being on the floor a constant theme that foregrounded my performance work was the sculpting of the internalised South African condition. In my final performance I was accompanied by an Italian percussion artist Maria Luisa Pizzighella. The text was cryptic, wrenching and declarative.