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Extreme Subjectivities 2

TAAC, Observatory
Extreme Subjectivities

On 5 September 2018, we revisited Extreme Subjectivities. With no expectation of the following (versus 'new') embodiment of this work, we entered the stage. If a next layer of significance would emerge - another aesthetic, different vocabularies - we would be the recipients of it.

Relationships work in a way that evolves into crucially pristine connections. We orbit ourselves away from habits. This is a practice in the moment so that we veer off from what we know already. This 'spins' us into the orbit of relating with a concomitant emotional vocabulary that fulfills the desire for expression but not outside the ethic of staying connected on a most intimate emotional scale. Even if the attention of one of us would be elsewhere, the bodies were never outside the radar of one or two of the others.

A last note: the intimacy of physical and emotional contact, as expressed into the moments of unknown spaces, calls, so to speak into an openness towards the self. The emotional vocabulary explodes here and the exponential circles (as in concentric) of embodied relationality overtakes the controls of logos. This is a most free and opening engagement, a place of elevated sociality and yet the place of the darkest in one's self.

The images have been arranged to facilitate the 'series' of relational developments as described above, as perceived by Lindsey Appolis, our photographer.