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Under Instruction: Nicola Visser


This is a video done at home between Nicola Visser and myself. The exploration was that of instruction.

I am a very solitary performer when it comes to working on my performances. The need to concentrate on what it is that wants to come into the work is one that is intolerant of interruptions.

This fact is also I that would equally (desirously) invite another artist to join me on the floor. One such a dance animateur is Nicola Visser. Nicola, a dancer and choreographer who has spent much of her time with dance with the disabled is a master at facilitating movement, solving movement problems, and holding the frame for authentic movement to emerge. We have had an artistic relationship for many years.

At this event I invited Nicola to lift me out of my comfort zone. This means that I invited her to do whatever she wished to place another seal on my movement experience. She gave extraordinary instructions that set me reeling with confusion. And I welcomed that.