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Ruben Mowszowski


Amongst the many collaborations I did with artists from different walks of life, the work with writer and poet Ruben Mowszowski was as rare as it was always with a sense that we were doing this work all the time. The work had a sense of accomplishment to it, expertise and precision. It had to do with our ability – as writer/reader and as performer, pianoic and as dance – to listen to the other.

I had a keen sense of the significance of certain of Ruben’s sentences, from his own writing, to him at the moment, as if he would rediscover what he had written by performing it in this way. For those moments, I made space.

Ruben also had a keen sense of my own rhythmic impulses emanating from my body’s surges and cathartic, spaceless phrases.

He had a sense of waiting for the right time, the right moment to intervene, to slash across with words from hisKaroo Moon and then to disappear, leaning against a piece of furniture and simply staring at my dance.

If ever I would regret a facet of my dance career, it would be that I had not done enough of this work with Ruben – mature impact of timeless significance.