Ontological Coaching

Nobonke ~ 'we are all together now'

Ontology stands for
the inherent way of being of a living entity.
Human ontology embodies the full spectrum of
our complex yet unique ways
of living and
observing ourselves at this time.
  • Coaching is commonly perceived as happening as a conversation. In addition, Ontological Coaching fully accommodates a deep interest in the Body's role in a person's way of being. Listening to one's embodiment brings a sense of integrity and even beauty to a conversation.

  • A complex and diverse culture such as South Africa, as much as a vastly evolving world, generates coaching with rigorous yet compassionate conversations of local and global significance. Nothing is obvious about the Other, or about our ecological kin. The legitimacy and distinction of the Other/Kin is embedded in the conversation. This is the vibrant edge of professional and personal evolution.

  • The existence of Pandemia engages profound depths in our humanity and environment. It asks for a particularly compassionate listening, speaking and human becoming.

  • Embodied coaching connects the human being with the soil, land, food security and civil society. To embody land, to work on a farm, in a garden and with an eye on future generations is a conversation about what it means to be human in the 21st century.

  • The finer and often profound emotional and spiritual colors of human transformation embed themselves in process art methods. These tones form part of the larger context of human evolution. This method arcs over cultural differences inherent in diverse human settings, deep ecology and the role of the spirit in human evolution.

  • Conscious Ageing groups consolidate the way of being of those 45 and older.

  • Butoh groups are being run online to address Pandemia through the intelligence of the Body.

"Pandemia expresses a clear moment affecting all life on the planet.
It spans beyond a virus into a different reality of the world.
Humanity is at an accelerated pace to redefine itself.
Our way of being embodied is now at stake."

"Ontological Coaching has the tools and competency to hold
the space for Pandemia in the lives of people
undergoing the most vast changes ever.
Who you are in this existentially charged
era of the living planet is what
our place will become."

Nobonke ~ 'we are all together now'

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