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Radical Ageing One


Radical Ageing grounds your spirit, wisdom and compassion for a most transformative developmental stage with all its mystery, depth and warriorship.

There is The Crossroad:

When you say that you are no longer what you used to be,

it is time and place to become radically invested in what and who to become.

Radical Ageing is a welcome dive into the secrets of ageing and its powers,

defying social prejudice and personal resignation.
  • Awakened older people is wanted in the world today

  • Robust and conscious ageing is summoning the self into becoming

  • Radical Agers show up for the next generation and the planet

Nobonke is dancer-psychologist, ontological coach, writer, mentor, specialist in the field of dynamic transformation giving opportunities to unleash what is invisible and intelligible in the human being, group and organisation.

Experience the leading edge of thought — the furthest extension of that thought. It is the best tool with which we help ourselves away from limited ways of seeing a very complex world. Philosophy, tools of creativity and wisdom evoke new desires, a particular life force.

How does it work?

Starting immediately:

Online guiding notes, reflections and questions for 5 weeks prior to the program.

This is followed by 3-hour, weekly, small group, online sessions for 9 weeks.

Course progresses on themes of Radical Ageing, encapsulating the fullest self in complex and unknown times – right up the alley of a Radical Ager.

What does the weekly sessions comprise?

  • A theme along the developmental span of a Radical Ager forming a whole over 9 weeks
  • A body-movement component and experience
  • A simple, artistic adventure to enjoy spirit beyond matter
  • Generous small-group witnessing and sharing
  • Revelatory journaling
  • Evolving an unusual daily practice of Radical Ageing

"This work is ancient and yet, not been born, except at the moment of rapture."

Fee for private groups ~ April/May/June 2021:

R 5 500 / Euro 550 / USD 550 per person.

Secure your place for
a journaling process of
5 weeks preceding the 9-week online program.
This is a series of radical preliminary reflections
and questions to ponder upon as preparations
for the unique journey
of your own ageing process.

This is Radical Ageing One.

Radical Ageing Two and Radical Ageing Three
are series in how to become relevant in the time of
global turbulence, climate change and social disruption.

For larger groups and corporate purposes make contact at


Nobonke has evolved this work over the past decade as
facilitator, clinical psychologist, process artist, dance-performance artist,
ontological coach and parent.


Thank you for a creative and profound process.
The program activated a real and vital but neglected archetype. We were led graciously into seeing through a different window and then embodying that vision, sharing it with each other and taking it out into the world. The elders who we are, became an empowerment and a privilege. Thank you!
The experience you crafted for us all was huge! I want to thank you. I want to acknowledge your mastery in shaping the whole program. I was moved. What a privilege.

+ What else do people say?

We need more real voices, speaking from a place of embodied and experiential wisdom to act as a bridge and facilitate our journey from where we currently are to where we need to be environmentally. This is the big work. Thank you.


A stunning insight into perspectives and understanding concepts which are difficult to express verbally but easier to explore non-verbally.

I just want to thank you, Nobonke, for your style, your approach, your gentleness, sharp thinking and depth of awareness. It has been a great gift for me. I hope to do more with you.

You are a true artist, a watcher, a listener, a feeler, a creative giver and a receiver. And it is these characteristics that make your work so profound.

Such fascinating new avenues of work.

Untangling philosophical, material and spiritual issues was brilliantly done, Nobonke.

I had a sense I was in expert, intensely compassionate and deeply intelligent hands. You really listen right down and use all contributions, however humble, wordy or obtuse. Nothing is wasted in your facilitation.

It is an extremely vast subject and I commend Nobonke on what she was able to do in a short time.

I have a sense of myself being ‘bigger’, ‘deeper’, more connected to all parts of myself, as well as to my world and life.

A very valuable way of slowing down and learning how to think differently about vital issues.

At the time of Pandemia, Conscious Ageing is wanted in order to be present for those younger than ourselves who now, more than ever, ask for guidance.

I walked away with a personal signature of myself, embodied and intimate, yet empowered to be available to the world.

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